Ways To Monetize Your Blog and Start Earning

If you are one of those countless others who have started a blog in hopes of generating some extra revenue, then you are not alone. Writing a blog has now become a side business for several millennials and Gen-Zs. In cases of the blog becoming extremely profitable, it can become a full time gig. However, there’s no quick fix to generate income from a blog. To reach a considerable level of earning, it will take time and dedication. To generate a substantial amount you need to be consistent with your content, keep up to date with the latest topics and follow some of the tips given in this post.

Put Up Ads:

Putting up advertisements on your blog is a common way to generate income. Also it can increase brand awareness. It is a known fact that the ads you put up should be in relation to the concept of your blog. If you have a blog on baking, then, you should put up ads for a company selling culinary equipments. If you have a blog on startups in India then you can put up Ads for an investment firm or an a fintech app. While there are various kind of advertisements that can be put up, Google ads emerge victorious. They are better due to the specificity, optimization and distribution of their ads.

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize a website. It allows the blogger to automatically sell their websites space to advertisers and begin earning. AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money online with your website. It is an advertising network run by Google that allows bloggers and website owners and opportunity to earn money by showing text, image, video and other interactive advertisement on their websites. These ads are targeted by site content and audience, so they’re relevant.

AdSense is free of any hassle because you don’t have to deal with advertisers or worry about collecting revenue. Google contacts and deals with the advertisers. From collecting payment to taking management fee Google does everything and send your due money to you. AdSense offers cost-per-click (CPC) ads which means that you earn money every time a user clicks on the ad on your website. The total money on depends on a variety of factors. RPM, or, Revenue per Mille, stands for revenue per thousand impressions. This is found out by multiplying the total number of clicks and cost per click and then divided by the total number of pageviews.

However, there are some conditions to fulfill. Google AdSense account approves your application only if these conditions are fulfilled.

  • The website and its content must comply with AdSense program policies and terms and conditions.
  • Website should at least be six months old
  • The applicant must be above 18 years of age

How To Add AdSense to WordPress Blog:

  • Visit https://www.google.com/adsense/start
  • Click Get Started
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Enter site URL you want to show ads on.
  • Leave this field empty if you want to add your site later and select “I don’t have a site yet.”
  • Choose where your like AdSense to send you customized help and performance suggestions.
  • Select your payment country or territory
  • Review and accept AdSense Terms and Conditions
  • Click Start using AdSense
  • Your are now signed in to your new AdSense account.

Sell Sponsored Blog Posts:

sell sponsored blog article

If you are one of the those bloggers who do not want to earn by advertising on your blog, this is a helpful way for you. You can start earning from your blog without ads if you are not okay with losing some control over the content displayed on your site. Ads usually post certain restrictions. They command the content on your blog, you have no control over the sort of stuff depicted in the ads, and visitors can use adblockers which affects earning potential.

A way out is general by revenue via sponsorship. Just like sponsorship is depicted in sports, TV shows, or other industries, here also it works the same way. Basically a company pays you to represent the product, talk about it and promoted to your readers. You should put together on one page Media kit that details your traffic stats, social media following, audience demographics and other data that will make your site more appealing to advertisers. Then you can approach companies to negotiate a sponsorship deal.

This offers some liberty to the content creator over the kind of products and services they promote. It is entirely in the creators has to choose our company or brand they like to sponsor them. If anything is against law morals and ethics you are not compelled to go along with it. Thus, there is much room for exercising authority over your content.

Create and Sell Online Courses:

Create and sell online courses

Another locator way of earning money via blogs is creating and selling online course. It is a very wise and easy method. If you run a blog on photography and aesthetics, then you can create and sell your own photography course. Interested visitors can sign up for classes for a stated fee. You should always create online courses pertaining to the the the field you write your blogs about. It is impractical for a blog about baking and confectionery to create and sell a course on actuarial science and Vice versa. It becomes more profitable to create and sell online courses once you have enough visitor traffic. Your courses should be easy to understand and must have an edge over other options available in the market.

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All these above stated steps are not quick fixes. They will take time and continuous effort to start showing benefits to a blog writer. The most important point to be noted is creating good quality content. Viewers will start pouring in if they feel your content is relevant, easily understandable and consistent. Some other methods of earning are creating content for paid visitors, accepting donations, selling merch, writing paid reviews, and several others. Hence, there are a lot of options to choose from. And one you decide on one option, be consistent and regular. It should also be noted that making your blog the sole source of income will take even more amount of time. The duration may vary but it surely won’t be as little as a couple of months.

Another helpful skill to have is SEO analysis. It is true that the more your content is SEO tailored, the quicker all the media will work. The first step towards anything is to gain more attention and traffic. And using the correct keywords, keeping the blog content the correct length, and following other criteria assist that. The more viewers you will have, the more people will click on your ads and the more revenue you will generate. Earnings will increase. Thus, starting on top of the SEO game is necessary.

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