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Top 10 Email Marketing Company in India – list 2022

E-mail marketing is when you send a commercial email to your email subscribers. It is used as a marketing strategy in order to attract new customers, drive up sales and build a community of customers. Various kinds of email marketing exitst.

  1. Promotional Emails: Promotional emails are generally sent with the aim of promoting a new product or service to existing customers. It could be a discount offer, a latest product, or, a webinar. Promotional events have a clear CTA (call to action). CTA basically means when you want the consumer to take a certain action in response to the promotional email. Some examples could be visiting the website, placing an order, signing up for an event, etc.
  2. Informational E-mails: It can primarily be of two kinds:
  • Newsletter: Newsletters are generally sent when you want to tell your customers of certain developments regarding your company or brand. Examples of this development can be a new milestone achieved, an update in company policy and other notifications. An interesting feature of these newsletters is that they are periodic. Newsletters maintain a constant connection with subscribers. You can share updates, tips, thoughts and anything of value.
  • Announcements: Announcements are generally sent when you want to share updates, changes in policies or latest releases.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

CONVERSION: Emails are sent to customers to drive up sales. Email on discount vouchers, emailing about an abandoned cart, email about upcoming special offers and other kinds of emails attract customers. Hence, it converts subscribers to customers.

BRAND AWARENESS: Emails are sent to the customers directly into their inbox. Thus, one to one conversation is always the best. It is a space reserve for favourite brands and publications. Sending regularly also helps you stay on top of the game. It constantly reminds the customers of your brand. It also offers scalability. Scalability means reaching a large number of customers for a small cost.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Lead nurturing and conversion help make a loyal customer base. Also, sending personal emails builds a sort of community. Interesting and engaging newsletters create interested customers who eagerly wait for it periodically. Hence, a dedicated customer base is aided by email marketing.

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Here is a list of top ten email marketing services in India:

(1) Hubspot:

  • HubSpot client management software helps businesses to keep a complete eye on each and every lead and touch point. Also, with the help of those leads, track the lead status. HubSpot lead scoring system helps sales team reduce the time and efforts in filtering out the bulk lead. It is a web platform. It also works on Android operating system.

(2) GetResponse:

  • GetResponse is a fully featured sales automation tool with features like email marketing, drag-and-drop email editor, autoresponder, email templates, landing pages, forms, webinars, a/b treating, inbox preview, social sharing, spam checker, analytics, list management, responsive email design, multi user access. Moreover, they also provide integrations via API. Thus, it is a multi faceted email marketing tool.

(3) SendinBlue:

Marketers and businesses use SendinBlue to run their SMS and email marketing campaigns. This GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant tool had flexible pricing plans for different uses. Hence, audiences can be engaged in converted with SendinBlue.


  • Mailercloud offers simplicity in its user-friendly data driven email marketing features. It ensures a perfect workflow with email automation help reached the right customer at the right time with artistically designed emails at minimal effort and price. Thus, it stands on top of the list.

(5) MailChimp:

  • This is an easy to use email marketing tool. It is also available as a mobile app. It helps businessman to contact their customers in a simple but personally effective manner. Thus, it makes it possible to get repeat customers and build a loyal customer base. Moreover, it provides different bulk mail software tools.

(6) MailerLite:

  • It is a very useful email marketing tool which offers plugin options. It also has a drag and drop editor. Offering unlimited options, high delivery rate and responsive design emails, Mailerlite is a suitable choice. Dedicated account managing, Priority sending, marketing automation and free templates are other perks.

(7)Constant Contact:

  • Constant Contact is a free email Marketing software that helps businesses to understand their audiences response, so that they can consciously plan their next marketing move. Also, it is the best email marketing software due to easy, cheap and proven methods of getting successful results. Also, Constant Contact was ranked number one in Website magazine’s list of top 50 email marketing campaigns services with different marketing tools.


  • SmartrMail is a fully featured email Marketing software designed to serve enterprises and small businesses. It provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. SmartrMail offers mobile optimised emails, mailing list management, auto responders, A/B Testing, template management, and others, all at one place. Thus, it is a great email marketing option.


  • MorphyMail is a hundred percent free for an entire lifetime. This is very rare for an email Marketing software. Users can create send and track unlimited bulk emails for free. It includes 500 built in email templates and email verifier to clean your list. Hence, it is a valuable marketing tool, well suited for start-ups with less budget.


  • Carma is a suite of software solutions that enable travel and hospitality companies to become a full-fledged online business. It is an enterprise level, fully customisable solution that provides high end software infrastructure for companies to leverage IT for their business growth. TravelCarma is available on SaaS model (Pay as you Use), License Model and Customized Software Development Model (CSDM).

In conclusion, email marketing is very helpful. It offers numerous benefits for a low cost. It has great scalability. Email marketing also adds a personal touch to every marketing campaign. This builds a loyal customer base. And, nothing is more important than loyal customers. Hopefully, the above list of top 10 email marketing tools in India is helpful. Interested businesses can refer to this list. They can select a marketing tool most suited to the business. Using free services offered by quite a few of these is smart. Thus, it should be included in any prioritised marketing strategy.

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