What Does It Mean To Be A Social Media Influencer? There’s no hard and fast rule about how many followers you need to have “social media influence,” and we all have some, even if it’s simply because of the reviews we’ve left on Yelp or TripAdvisor. When we talk about social media influencer marketing, we’re […]
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What is SMS Marketing? Top 10 Best Bulk SMS provider List – 2022

SMS marketing means short message service, which is a marketing technique where text messages are used to communicate offers, updates, and reminders to customers. This type of communication might be a one-on-one conversation between a staff member and a customer. It could be an automated text that is triggered by a customer action, or it […]
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SSL- What Is It & Why Is It So Important

What is SSL? Why is it important? SSL certificates are tiny data files that cryptographically create an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. This link makes sure that all data files exchanged between The web browser and server remain private. When you land on a page with the form to fill […]
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Ways To Monetize Your Blog and Start Earning

If you are one of those countless others who have started a blog in hopes of generating some extra revenue, then you are not alone. Writing a blog has now become a side business for several millennials and Gen-Zs. In cases of the blog becoming extremely profitable, it can become a full time gig. However, […]
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Digital Marketing Course In Hindi

Digital marketing is a revolution in the marketing industry and has opened countless jobs and opportunities. The benefits of digital marketing are countless- it’s modern, easily accessible (via digital marketing courses and digital marketing books) and affordable. Digital Marketing has seen a boom in the industry leading to the cropping up of Digital Marketing Agencies […]
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Best Web Hosting Service Providers in India

Web Hosting, simply put, is a service which allows anyone to publish their websites and web pages on the Internet. A web host or a Web host service provider is a Business that provides the technologies and services required for the website or webpage to be viewed on the internet. Websites or webpages are hosted, […]
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Best CRM Software for small business – top 5 CRM

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” is a software which is built for business owners to help them maintain an engaging and successful relationship with their client. It also facilitates maintenance and updating of client records, keeping the staff in check, and reap other benefits. Most noticeably, CRM has revolutionised the the departments of Sales […]
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WordPress & wix vs Shopify (2022) — Which is Best? – Startupmed

Written By: Prashansa Parwal Let’s be real- maintaining a blog is difficult. Everything- from assigning the blog address, designing the blog icon, to long term blog maintenance is quite a challenging task. And thus, website builders come to our rescue. The three most prominent examples that immediately come to mind are WordPress, Wix and Shopify. […]
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