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How To Create Company Page On Linkedin Step guide


Founded in 2002, LinkedIn has grown on to become a successful platform for professional demand and supply in the market. It’s become a hub for finding connections, getting job opportunities, leads and expanding brands and businesses. Creating a company page on LinkedIn, hence, becomes a must-do step in paving a path towards building a solid and far-reaching network. With this article, the aim is to explain to interested LinkedIn Users on How To Create a Page on LinkedIn, and how to later and structure your page to attract attention and start generating revenue.

Right off the bat, you need to have a LinkedIn Account to build a company page. If you don’t have an account, then you should go ahead and make one by clicking “Join Now”. 

Step #1: 

Open LinkedIn and click “Join Now” in the upper right-hand corner.

Step #2:

Fill in the required details and click “Continue”

Step #3:

Fill in the various details asked with as much accuracy as possible.

Step #4: 

Click on Join Now or Agree and Join

Now that you do have an account, then to right ahead and follow the guide on How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page:

Step #5:

Click the “Work” icon. The “Work” icon is present in the top right corner- it looks like a grid. It will open a menu and there will be an option called “Create A Company Page”. Click that.

Step #6:

There will be several options to choose from regarding what kind of organisation you want to build the page for. However, for business there are two options- Small Business (less than 200 employees) and Medium to Large Business(200 plus employees). Choose the option that fits best to the scale of your business.

Step #7:

A page opens that asks for generic details about your company. Company name, Brand logo, size, company website URL, etc is asked. Fill in all the details correctly. Check out best LinkedIn Company Pages before filling in information about your own company just to gather an idea of how to enter the profile details.

Step #8:

Finally, verify the checkbox that asks if you are “an authorised representative of the organization and have the rights on its behalf in the creation and management of the page.” This displays the “Create Page” option and once you click on it- Congratulations! You’ successfully completed the creation of your LinkedIn Company Page.

Note/Conclusion: Once you click on “Create Page”, you’re taken to the company’s brand new page. You would have to fill out the important details and once you’re done with that, you can finally start going forward with a fully finished company page.

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