How To Create A Website on WordPress Step By Step

Let’s be real- maintaining a website is difficult. Everything- from selecting the domain name, choosing the best suited web hosting service to long term website maintenance- is quite a challenging task. You can take help of professionals who can advise you on different aspects of building a website. Technical, aesthetic or security issues can be solved with the help of said professionals. But, affording professionals is expensive and not a practical option for newcomers. Thus, website builders come to our rescue. WordPress is the most prominent example. It is the one immediately come to mind. WordPress actually has its roots in blogging, and since it’s such a powerful CMS (Content Management System) to begin with, it allows you to publish and organize practically endless amounts of relevant content to your website. You can have control of everything- from the look and feel to the functionality of your website.

However not many people know how to utilise all the features available in WordPress properly. Several useful features are underrated and go unnoticed by users. WordPress provides several perks and benefits. Hence, WordPress is pretty hard to beat in the website creation department. Moreover, the installation of WordPress also has various options- some way easier than the others. Thus, setting up a website on WordPress needs a proper guide. Here, were try to help our readers on how to easily create a website on WordPress:

Finding A Domain Name:

Choosing the perfect domain name requires a lot of thought and c. Your domain name is your identity on the world wide web you want to make sure that you choose the name that not only is suitable to your business but is also easy to find and promote. Since the domain name serves as your web address for life you should put in considerable deliberation and settle on the perfect domain name. Some tips to help you navigate this and get it right are:

  • It should be easy to type, even for someone with little experience on the internet
  • Its length shouldn’t be too long because it makes it difficult to type. Making mistakes while typing your domain name becomes easier as the length of the name increases.
  • Keyword usage should be mindfully done. If your business is about cakes or confectionery, then including words like “sweet”, “dessert”, “chocolate”, etcetera in your domain name is advisable.
  • Decide on the geographic and demographic target audience clearly before hand.
  • Avoid using too many numbers hyphens, hashtags or any other symbols. For example it will confuse people to remember if the word “five” or the number “5” is included in your domain name.
  • The name should probably be catchy because then people will remember it and share it.
  • Use an appropriate domain name extension. At the end of web addresses, extensions like .com aur .net are used. Each web extension has a very specific uses so one should definitely be aware as to what works for one’s business/purpose. For example, .in is also a good option for people to know that your business is based in India.
  • To build and promote your brand you should buy various domain extensions. Buy other versions of your domain names. This will prevent mispelled versions to fall into your competitor’s hands. Thus, the customers will be directed often to your website.

In conclusion, a suitable, easily spelled and short domain name increases customer traffic and hence, benefits the website.

Choosing A Web Hosting Service:

Web Hosting, simply put, is a service which allows anyone to publish their websites and web pageants on the Internet. A web host or a Web host service provider is a Business that provides the technologies and services required for the website or webpage to be viewed on the internet. Websites or webpages are hosted, or stored on large computers called servers. If you need to visit a certain website all you need to do is enter the website address or domain in the browser and it connect with the server and displays the required website. In order to publish your website or webpage on the Internet you need the services of a web hosting provider.

Choosing a suitable and efficient web hosting service provider is a tough task. But solely providing server space isn’t what a web hosting provider does. It also provides some other basic facilities like FTP access, WordPress assistance, Email accounts, website building tools, etc. Selecting a truly trustworthy, reliable and cheap web hosting provider benefits in the long run. Whether you are the owner of a large company or a small businessman, a good web hosting service provider is very important. Rating a web hosting service provider depends on many things. Cost, uptime, extra features, user ratings, speed and other stuff is looked into. Thus, a good and reliable website hosting service provider maintains a balance between all the given criteria. Factors affecting the quality of web hosting are:

  • Cost. Low price influences the number of customers. Hence, it increases popularity among website owners.
  • Uptime.
  • Speed. High speeds are necessary for running a website. A provider with great speed is largely preferred.
  • Customer Service. Good customer service builds brand loyalty, the most important achievement of any brand.
  • Additional facilities provided. Additional facilities act as incentives to invite more customers. WordPress support, providing a free domain name, or providing an email account are a few examples.

Famous web hosting service providers are bluehost, hostgator, hostinger, inmotion hosting, godaddy, etc. We have given a link to another article of ours below. It will take you to an article discussing the best web hosting service providers available in India. You can check it out for more information.

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WordPress Installation:

One of the easiest ways to install wordpress is with the help of cPanel. cPanel is a user friendly platform. It makes it easy for users to manage their web hosting account. It is a linux-based GUI(Graphical User Interface). cPanels normally comes with many web hosting packages. cPanel has two interfaces that are bound together to provide users with flexibility and control. The first interface is cPanel itself while the other is called Web Host Manager (WHM). cPanel is private and secure to use. You can access your given account with your email id and password.

cPanel has a feature called softaculous app installer which may or may not be present in your wordpress account. There is another way to download wordpress in case Softaculous isn’t downloaded by default. However in modern versions of wordpress softaculous is already downloaded. You can easily go to wordpress which would be present in softaculous. We will list the steps to download wordpress with softaculous already present. Because of these reasons, there is no better choice than cPanel to install WordPress. Steps involved in installing WordPress with cPanel are:

Login your Hosting Account

Login to your cPanel account

Every web hosting service provider provide cPanel with a different look. One must needs to find the login to cPanel.

Select Softaculous App Installer

Or just go to the search bar and type in WordPress.

First, type WordPress in the search bar. Secondly, select the WordPress icon that shows up.

Click on install from the menu that shows up.

A form will show up according to your given choice.

Fill the form. Meanwhile, some values are filled by default. Then, specify the domain name or domain names where you want to install WordPress. Subsequently, fill in the details like admin username (by default “admin”), password (by default “pass”), email address and WordPress version. Make sure to rename username and password. Select the language you want to install WordPress in. Fill the rest of the details in the form.

Hit “Install”.

Setting Up Your Website

There is still a long way to go even after you have finished installing WordPress. Basic requirements such as general setting adjustments, data analytics, establishing contact forms and other website essentials need to be figured out. The whole look and feel of your website needs to be created. Here are a few things you need to take care of after you’ve installed WordPress:

Before finalizing Theme:

  • Site Title and Tagline: Navigate to Settings. Then, click on General. Here you will be able to enter the name of the website and its tagline. The tagline should be catchy and represent your brand. Then whether it be baking or music or a garment business, an amazing tagline always helps.
  • Profile: this is a short section which should specially be filled out by bloggers. From your dashboard navigate to Users. Then, go to Your Profile. Input your username, basic contact info, a short biography and a profile picture.
  • Delete placeholder content: When you load up your website for the first time after installing WordPress, you will notice some content there. This content is there by default, only meant to display the look of the website. You should delete that content.
  • Deleting Sample Posts and Pages: if you go to the Posts section of the dashboard you will see content like a blog post title “hello world”. You can get rid of such posts by going to All Posts under Posts section.
  • Deleting Default Themes: you’ll also find some default themes included after your WordPress installation. While you are already removing excess content you may as well delete unwanted themes to clean up your navigation and save space. To delete a theme, navigate to Appearance. Then, click on Themes. The default theme is 2020. Then select the delete option from the bottom right corner of the unwanted theme. Keep in mind that you cannot delete active themes. To delete an active theme you have to first deactivate it on your website.

Finalizing Themes and Final Touches:

  • Choose a theme: this is a very important part of creating a website. The appearance of a website also influences the traffic of viewers, up to some extent. Supplied by WordPress or by some third party developer, a theme determines the appearance and layout of your website. WordPress themes are available in both free and paid options. All the themes available in WordPress are present in the WordPress directory. Each theme is coded and operates differently so make sure to check for support documentation and plugin support.

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  • Choose Plugins: Plugins are found on the WordPress Plugin Directory or can be found on third party developer websites. Plugins are great for the website because they increase the functioning and are mostly essential for running a fully functioning website. Additional website features such as product and service listings, two factor authentication login, payment processing, etcetera are only possible via the installation of plugins.
  • Protecting your website: After you have achieved the look that you had imagined for your website, the final practice is to ensure good security. Over 80% of security breaches can be traced to to poor password constitution. To ensure proper safety of your website, a strong password is recommended. Also enabling two factor authentication improves your website’s defences further. Two factor authentication requires a second user specific code that changes over time in the password process to make the password even stronger.
  • SSL Certificate: If you want to prove to your visitors that your website is secure, an SSL connection should be ensured. SSL connections protect against outside attempts to interfere with the data send between your website. They come with SSL certificates. SSL certificate appear as a padlock icon in the browser URL when visiting the website. (Look over at the beginning of our website URL and you will see the padlock icon. It means our website it has a protected data connection for our visiting users.)


Creating a website on WordPress is an exciting venture, and this article is a simple guide on how to go about it. From installing WordPress, setting up the look of your website to make sure that your website remains protected- it is a detailed and complex process. All the steps said in this article are very important and should be strictly followed. Otherwise, you will be working at a lesser capacity and find yourself at a disadvantage. Aur wordpress website owners who want their website to run at maximum efficiency, do look research in depth. Features like performance monitoring, monthly support and services are also made available by WordPress.

The most important thing, however, is to have a clear goal.That clarity can help you create the website of your dreams. With the rise of E-commerce, websites have become an important part of the current economy. Therefore, it is important to get ahead in the game. You can blog, sell, buy and gather information, thanks to websites. A website can be an exciting workspace, a marketing platform or just a fun experiment. This blog was written so that the readers can get 100% real advice on how to create the website of their dreams.

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