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Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads Which one is better?

Not sure which one to use between Facebook and Google to run your ads? It’s one of the most common concerns businesses face when expanding their paid media presence because when it comes to online advertising, Google Ads and Facebook Ads dominate the industry and are the biggest name in the digital advertising space

Google and Facebook Ads: How do They Work?

First of all, let’s see how exactly they work. You must have certainly seen these ads before when you hop on Facebook or search on Google.

Both of these advertising platforms operate on a pay-per-click basis. When you create an ad on either platform, you enter an auction in which you place a bid for how much you want to pay for ad space. After that, they charge a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on your ad. This is how they help companies get their ads in front of their ideal customers with their enormous reach and hence can be significant traffic drivers for your business.

What are Facebook Ads?

facebook ads
what are facebook ads?

Facebook has become highly competitive over the years, with the highest amount of monthly active users as compared to any other social media platform creating the ideal space for a variety of businesses to advertise on.

Facebook allows users to target audiences through self-serve tools. It entails creating and running ad campaigns using the Facebook Ads Manager tool and gives analytics reports to track the performance of each ad.

On Facebook, ads can appear in several different places such as –

  • Facebook Newsfeed
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Right-hand column
  • Messenger inbox
  • Video feeds

So, in a nutshell, advertising on Facebook is paying to place promotions and product offers in the news feed of a specific, targeted audience on Facebook.

What are Google Ads?

google ads

Every second, millions of searches are performed on Google, and in that the majority of search results pages include Google ads.

Google Ads, earlier known as Google AdWords, is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that runs ads, paid for by businesses.

In this, keywords are the center of your search campaign. Certain keywords are selected by you, which according to you are relevant to your product or business. Later on, when a user searches for a query related to your keywords – they will trigger an ad that shows up on the search engine result pages for a user to click on.

Google also offers Display Ads, which appear on the Google Display Network in which third-party websites that have partnered with Google and agreed to serve Google ads appear. This includes banner ads.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Should You Choose?

Many companies use both the platforms in congruence to maximize their reach. But, since time and money is limited, where do you start to get the most out of your budget? To answer this question we’ll discuss the key advantages and important statistics between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Both have a lot of common ground, but there a few significant differences that will determine which is the best fit for your business.

1. Size Of Audience

The biggest advantage of using Google as an advertising platform is its immense reach. According to the data, Google handles approximately more than 5.8 billion searches every single day which is more than 1.2 trillion searches every year. No other search engine can offer the potential audience that Google can.

On the other hand, Facebook has an estimated 1.73 billion daily active users. Facebook enables you to advertise to people who aren’t necessarily searching for your product which means that even when they weren’t searching for your product, they will still get exposed to your ad.

2.Cost Per Click

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the best advertisement platform. How much are you spending to get new customers?

According to recent surveys, Facebook tends to be more cost-efficient than Google ads. While Google Ads are considered to be better for generating conversions. The average CPC on Google Ads is $2.69 whereas, on Facebook, you can pay as little as $0.25 per click depending on the CTR and targeting factors for your ads.

3.Ad Formats

You can clearly get more creativity on Facebook, which makes it a much better platform for building brand awareness and customer loyalty. Facebook ads are powerfully visual.

In Google Ads, you have a small block of text to catch potential customers’ eyes on the SERPs. You can use ad extensions for additional text and information, but overall your format is going to be limited to text in search ads. However, Google is continually implementing new ad formats and features, further empowering advertisers to reach new audiences and drive new business.

Which Platform Should You Choose?

So, in a nutshell, both the Ad platforms can be differentiated in two summarised points –

  • Google ads are better for reaching customers at the point when they’re conducting research on a product related to your Ad while, Facebook Ads offer powerful targeting capabilities which allow you to reach people who are not searching for your solution or brand.
  • Your client’s industry is also an important factor to take into consideration. Both B2B and B2C businesses use Google Ads successfully. Whereas, Facebook Ads often work better for B2C businesses.

Many marketers suggested testing both Google Ads and Facebook Ads to see which has the better performance for your business. Take a detailed look at your audience and your budget, then decide which platform works the best for you.

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