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Digital Marketing Course In Hindi

Digital marketing is a revolution in the marketing industry and has opened countless jobs and opportunities. The benefits of digital marketing are countless- it’s modern, easily accessible (via digital marketing courses and digital marketing books) and affordable. Digital Marketing has seen a boom in the industry leading to the cropping up of Digital Marketing Agencies all across the country. To traverse this exciting and new road, one must first acquire the basic knowledge and skills required for Digital Marketing. Not only will it look amazing on the resumé, it will also help you get impressive job opportunities.

Despite easy accessibility of such knowledge, if does pose as a barrier when one would prefer the source of information to be in Hindi. This article is about learning digital marketing in Hindi. However, we’ve written it in English owing to English being much more widely spoken. In fact, Google’s SEO usually prefers showing content written in English prior to that in Hindi. Even Google’s indexing ability is better tailored and constructed for the English language, taking into account that the people who build and develop it are mostly native English-speakers. We will take a look at a very reliable and easy-to-understand digital marketing course that is made available by Startupmed in this article.

What is Startupmed:

Startupmed is a digital marketing agency based in New Delhi, India. It specialises in Website Designing, Facebook and Google advertising and graphic designing. With 500+ successful campaigns in over 41 unique industry categories, Startupmed is one of India’s leading agencies. Their successful marketing campaigns and original ideas and innovations in the field of digital marketing are great. Bringing forth their latest service, Startupmed has started a Digital Marketing course in Hindi. It is streamlined and built for those who wish to learn digital marketing but are uncomfortable with the English language. With countless benefits and perks, this course is worth checking out. Given that it is exclusively in Hindi, all native Hindi speakers can reap its benefits.

Salient Features of Digital Marketing Course in Hindi

This is a six month long, online course with live classes taught by experts. It has hundred-plus hours of live classes, doubt solving sessions and live projects. A six month long course it covers important theory for the first three months and then moves on to the practical application for the next three. These live classes are conducted on zoom. They are linked directly to the website. Thus one simply has to visit Startupmed’s official website and the links for the live classes will be there.Industry professionals will teach all the classes. The content is a hundred percent in Hindi from mode of teaching to study material to live doubt solving classes. The practical classes are entirely conducted in Hindi language. Thus, the instructor teaches real-time application of the various concepts learnt in the first three months.

Startupmed also provides 100 percent placement assistance and internship opportunities once you’re through with the course. The provided internships are a hundred percent paid with any given stipend. Occasionally if someone is unfortunately unable to to acquire an internship opportunity, Startupmed office internship at their own establishment and help the candidates navigate the world of digital marketing. It has 30+ hiring partners to offer paid internships and many more opportunities.

Perks of The Course

At the end of the course, the participants will be handed over a certificate of successful completion. Top digital marketing agencies and brands acknowledge and recognise this certificate. Along with it, on successful completion of internship, a bona fide certificate of provided. The candidates also receive certificate from Facebook and Google.

Moreover, the payment is flexible. EMI option is available for paying the full price of the course. The payment gateway supports monthly installments of payment. Thus, it allows one to study continuously without the pressure of paying for the course all at once.


The course syllabus is concise and well researched. It is at par with modern developments in digital marketing. Practical and theoretical both will be given due importance. Meanwhile, it includes Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google AdSense, MailChimp, YouTube Mock-up Tool, Canva, WordPress and many more. Thus, the range of syllabus is detailed and in-depth. A certified professional will teach all the topics in Hindi only.


For further details, contact: 8595248372, 7011908482

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