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Best CRM Software for small business – top 5 CRM

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” is a software which is built for business owners to help them maintain an engaging and successful relationship with their client. It also facilitates maintenance and updating of client records, keeping the staff in check, and reap other benefits. Most noticeably, CRM has revolutionised the the departments of Sales and HR, thanks to the countless services it provides to businesses. It streamlines, modifies, updates and analyses client data pertaining their needs, preferences and interaction with your sales team. Leaving behind old and traditional methods of maintaining records, CRM has exponentially grown to become an indispensable asset to running a successful business.

Benefits of Implementation of CRM in Businesses:

Data Management and Utilisation:

CRM is a very recent introduction into the workings of businesses in India and hence, has seen a gradual rise in its implementation. We can find out just how exactly CRM proves to be immensely beneficial to organisations. It manages a staggering amount of data which can be tracked for every individual client. hence proving itself indispensable. From their name, email and other personal details to their purchase history, follow up contacts, past complaints, etcetera, CRM keeps track of everything. It manages client calendars, sends automated emails promoting latest products and services and micro targets interested clients. This forms a personal bond with the clients as well as maintaining long-term healthy customer relations. Meanwhile, it also contributes towards promoting sales and revenue.

Sales Regulation and Optimization:

Next comes monitoring sales staff and performance with the help of CRM. The larger the sales team of a company, the more difficult it is to manage them. CRM tackle this issue by performing various functions which strictly monitor the sales team and reduces chances of inefficiency. It records calls, automatically transfers it to the staff member who’s available, doesn’t allow sales person to end the call and keeps track of complaints registered by customers regarding certain sales member. If there are any issues, records are already available to look into it, hence, they’re easily resolvable. Thus, constant monitoring keeps the sales team in check and ensures optimal performance by the staff. By taking leads, CRM also increases sales and profit. Customer relations are thus, maintained to be long lasting and healthy.

Assisting Human Resource:

Another field where CRM proves to be instrumental in bringing positive developments is Human Resource, or, HR. Several recent CRM softwares instill the use of an artificial intelligence (AI) during hiring candidates. It screens all the applicants and shortlists them after analysing all the submitted resumes. Hence, the shortlisted candidates are invited for the interview, saving time was well as resources. They’re added to the system on being hired and their progress from then on is strictly tracked. These were all the listed benefits of installing CRM software and how it benefits the performance of a commercial organization. Of course, new features are kept on being added to latest versions and these updates have only increased the hype for CRM in the market.

Best CRM for Businesses:

Best Crm for Small Business
List of best crm software

Best CRM For Businesses: Given that CRM has started gaining momentum and recently, here is a list of top 5 CRM softwares in India. These are some of the best in the country and promote building sustainable customer relations and efficient data management and utilisation:

International CRM Available in India:-

Engagebay: Features like monitored sales performance, automated communication, storing and organizing client contacts make it eligible for this list. This softwares is extremely efficient for scheduling, monitoring, improving and developing. The flexibility of this product ensures an engaging customer experience. Windowcity and Capterra are some of its notable clients.

Salesforce: Lead management, opportunity management and contact management are few of the perks this softwares offers. Features like sales forecasting, work and approval, syncing files and sharing are there too. It is installable on Android and iOS, and thus, gives real time notifications. KFC, Godrej, HCL, CEAT, etc are some of its notable clients.

India based CRM:-

  • ZOHO: ZOHO is the number one CRM software available in India to businesses both big and small. It enables to optimize data handling, track leads, maintain client history and promote sales. The software is enriched with sales reports, sales performance, multi-channel communication and customisation. Hence, it is perfect for small to medium businesses. Some of its famous clients are Apollo, Mahindra, L’oreal, etc.
  • Freshsales: A standard CRM popularly used in India, freshsales takes the crown in sales management. Call recordings, call routing, audio dialers as well as affiliate management is available in this softwares. It verifies and pursues leads across several distribution channels and allows sales team to track promotional emails. Joblift, Dyson and Flyrobe are few of its noticeable clients.
  • SalesBabu CRM: It makes building healthy and durable customer relations feasible with its features. Inventory management, expense management, payroll management and GST billing address few of the authenticated features. Customer helpdesk and after sales service features which are also included. are the cherry on top. Jumboking and Sparkonix are a few of its notable clients.

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